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The 80th Pastor's and Leader's Conference Banquet Tickets and Room Reservations Are Available!

The 80th Annual Pastor's and Leader's Conference will be dynamic, featuring Rev. Frank Ray as the Banquet Speaker on Monday Evening, Rev. Dennis Jones as the Conference Guest Preaching, and Dr. Joel Gregory as The Conference Lecturer.

The 80th Annual Conference is historic! Participants will find classes covering the most relevant issues and topics facing the Church Today. Come to the Pastor's and Leader's Conference and get real help and support for the real challenges you face daily.

To achieve the goal, there will be classes addressing such areas as:

• Preaching in an election year,

• The importance of mental health,

• The current assault on black history and the church’s role in combating it,

• Church safety and evacuation strategies,

• Women’s empowerment in the church and community,

• Same-sex relationships & the church,

• Effective church leadership in a post-pandemic era,

• Ministry and the rural church,

• Affirmation of spouses of church leaders.

You Don't want to Miss The 80th Pastor's and Leader's Conference in Louisville, KY, February 19 - 21, 2024. The conference kicks off with a banquet on Monday evening.

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