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Simmons College of Kentucky

To Our Dear Community Friends and Educational Partners:

           How do you put a price tag on “opportunity”?

                      What is the worth of opening the door of education for a student?

                                   How much should it cost to provide the pathway to a promising future?


           At Simmons College of Kentucky, we provide our students a culturally affirming environment that builds self-confidence and life-long success skills, all within the context of a strong liberal arts experience. As Louisville’s Historically Black College, we have a 140-year history of bringing together an exceptionally talented faculty, visionary leadership, and eager, capable, and receptive learners.


           And we have done all of this while keeping our degree programs affordable: Our tuition of $250 per credit hour—an increase of only $35 per credit hour from last year’s rate—makes us still one of the best educational bargains in America.


           Let’s greet this fall’s new and returning students with the knowledge that they are not in this alone, but there is a loud and proud community that stands with them in their educational pursuit. We invite you to participate in our 2019 Welcome Back, Simmons Nation! campaign. Your generous and timely tax-deductible gift will supercharge our students on their pathway to success.


           As always, please know that your gift of any size is precious to us, and is received with the greatest gratitude. To give today, simply follow this Link:


Go Simmons Nation!


Kevin W. Cosby, President

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