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General Association Auxiliaries Leadership

  • Baptist Women’s Educational Convention
    (Visit their page)
    Sis. Veronica Sharber Buckner , President


  • Baptist Women’s Missionary Convention
    (Visit their page)
    Sis. Agnes Radford, President


  • Kentucky Baptist Laymen
    (Visit their page)
    Bro. Tony Scisney,  President


  • Ministers and Messengers
    (Visit their page)
    Rev.  Dr. Samuel Peoples, Moderator


  • Baptist Unified Christian Leadership Conference
    (Visit their page)
     Rev. Prentice Bruton, President


  • Baptist Ministers’ Wives and Widows
    (Visit their page)
    Sis. Robin Gordon, President


  • SUNGA: State Ushers, Nurses, Greeters Association
    (Visit their page)
    Sis. Anita Pearson, President

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